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Creating a marketing strategy remains a big challenge for marketers and business owners alike. Maybe you're lost and need clarity and focus, or perhaps you don't know where to start. That's where the Marketing BLUEPRINT workshop comes in. It's a workshop designed to give you effective planning and direction so that your marketing delivers the best results possible. Keep reading for more information about what's included, costs and more.

Why choose the BLUEPRINT workshop?

Hands on training can be a great starting point for businesses beginning their inbound marketing journey. It allows you to get focused time with experts to help you fully realise your marketing potential and develop a plan that is deliverable.

If your marketing plan hasn't been delivering the results you wanted, or you don't have a clear direction, then the BLUEPRINT workshop is a perfect fit for you.

The workshop also gives you the opportunity to try working with an inbound marketing agency without committing to a monthly marketing package, allowing you to test the waters and identify if we're a fit for you without the long-term investment.

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Is the BLUEPRINT workshop right for me?

As a business, your ultimate goal is to attract more leads that you can convert into customers. If you fall at that hurdle, your marketing is over before it's even begun.

The BLUEPRINT workshop works best for businesses who want to embrace inbound marketing and begin attracting more of their ideal customers through content marketing implementation. It's also great for those who want to develop their sales and marketing processes and create a marketing strategy that can be applied across the full sales funnel.

Inbound and content marketing can be transformational to businesses, and this workshop is designed to facilitate that.

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What's included with the workshop?

We developed the BLUEPRINTTM methodology to help businesses make sense of their marketing ideas and focus.

That's core to the workshop we delivery with you. In addition to that, you also get direction and support from us. No matter how small or trivial the marketing idea, we're here to help you grow. See what else is included.

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Discovery and goal-setting

Before the workshop commences, we'll have a discovery session to identify goals and what marketing you've done so far, and what improvements you want to make.

BLUEPRINTTM methodology

Together, we'll work through the BLUEPRINTTM methodology to begin brainstorming buyer personas, sales funnels, content types and more.

Ideas and action plan

Following the workshop, we'll compile all your ideas together into a structured and focused marketing plan, full of ideas ready to be implemented.

Next steps

After the workshop, we'll have a check-in to discuss next steps, such as a monthly outsourced marketing retainer or support through coaching and consultancy.

Workshop format and pricing

In-person workshop (UNAVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19)

Regrettably we will not be holding any workshops in-person to adhere with social distancing guidelines. We can however, deliver workshops online.

Online workshop

The BLUEPRINT workshop can be delivered 3x 90-minute sessions, delivered over Zoom. The workshop is also recorded for you to refer back to when needed.

How much does the BLUEPRINT workshop cost?

The standard fee for the BLUEPRINT workshop is £1200 + VAT. In light of COVID-19 and the move to online workshops, you have the option of paying in 3 equal payments, or a one-off payment.

Not ready for the workshop? Download the guide

If you're on the fence about committing to the workshop, download the guide first to find out more about the BLUEPRINTTM methodology.

Who delivers the BLUEPRINT workshop?

The workshop is delivered by Tom Wardman, author of the BLUEPRINT methodology. Tom will be accompanied by another member of the team to assist in the delivery of the workshop.

Do I need to be a marketing expert to do the workshop?

Not at all. The workshop is about giving you direction for your own marketing ideas, and to also give you an understanding as to what might or might not work when it comes to marketing for your business.


All we ask is that you come into the workshop open-minded, with ideas of the direction you want to take with your marketing, and any ideas already brewing at the back of your mind!

Who should attend?

The workshop works best with as many people as people. At a bare minimum, the director(s) and marketing manager(s) should be in the room, though we’ve found that getting everyone on the same page works wonders with your marketing going forward.

Do I need to pay the fee in one chunk?

Not necessarily. We do ask that the workshop is paid before the date the workshop sessions takes place. However, in light of COVID-19, you have the option of making 3 equal payments of £400 + VAT, each payable before a workshop session.

What's next after the workshop?

That largely depends on your circumstances. Almost every client who goes through the workshop continues with a monthly retainer to get their marketing done.


After the workshop, we’ll discuss what support you might need and how that might look when working together, as well as any needs you might have moving forward.


Got a question about the BLUEPRINT workshop? Take a look at some of the FAQs, or get in touch with your question.

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