Monkey Puzzle Jewellery

Monkey Puzzle is a wonderful little shop in York city centre. Stocking beautiful, quirky pieces of jewellery for over 18 years, the store is well known throughout York. The next step for the business was to reach out to an untapped online market.

For three years, we’ve been working closely with Monkey Puzzle to bring the store’s unique jewellery to the digital world.

Introducing the brand to the internet

The first step was equipping Monkey Puzzle for the internet with a website.

We love their range of jewellery. It’s unique, eye catching and often dazzling. We wanted to design a webspace that would compliment these pieces, not detract. To achieve this, we crafted a simple website with muted colours and minimal content additional to the pieces.

The jewellery spoke for itself, and we wanted nothing to steal the show from store’s wonderful pieces.

Keeping social on social media

With a Facebook account already established, Monkey Puzzle had already begun their foray into social media.

However, as we often find Monkey Puzzle just didn’t have time to run a social media account 24/7 and run a business. One had to give (and it wasn’t the business).

We stepped in and took control of Facebook. We set up a Twitter account and automated it to follow similar accounts and request follow backs. We now post daily on both channels and run successful advertising campaigns using social media.

Blogging and newsletters

The final piece of the Monkey Puzzle was to begin a content marketing campaign that tied in with a weekly newsletter.

We continue to blog for Monkey Puzzle about all things jewellery. With expert tips and advice, it’s attracted customer attention and cemented the brand as a trusted supplier with a personal touch.


Interested in joining Monkey Puzzle in the digital age?

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