Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a global information firm operating in more than 100 countries.

Eikon is Reuter’s poster child. It’s an industry leading piece of economic software. So what do you do with the world’s best program? You tell the world about it.

Keeping it simple

In the past, Reuters had sent emails marketing Eikon to lists of thousands of addresses. These were photo rich emails, which looked the part. However, we opted for a more personal touch.

With plain text campaigns, we found that fewer emails were being caught by spam filters. This resulted in a staggering increase in open and click rates, which was the primary factor behind improved sales.

Not everyone’s the same

Our approach consisted of profiling potential customers. From the hard hitting to the softly spoken, we knew the clients behind our emails inside and out.

So we targeted based on the customers identity with three base types: hard selling, logical selling and soft selling.

After each campaign, we tweaked features for the next send based on results.


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