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Adapt your business and thrive through digital transformation

Does your business have what it takes to transform and adapt to new challenges? Digital transformation can bring about step-change growth for your business, often brought about by the need for change. As an agency, we're poised to help you embrace those opportunities, and use your digital transformation to help you think big and forget the limits. Scroll to find out how we do that!

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is anĀ  opportunity to integrate and use emerging digital technology in a business that results in changes in how businesses operate and deliver value to customers.

This could be to enable the delivery of a product or service at a greatly reduced cost with increases in efficiency e.g. software updates directly to cars. It could also bring about an increase in the number of customers or clients through really enabling the customer acquisition process (e.g. automation aspects of the customer acquisition process itself.

A simple example of a basic digital transformation would be implementing a CRM tool in a business. When properly used, it can bring about process, strategy, organisational transformation, as it will give you the tools to enhance the customer experience whilst reducing cost.

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We deploy various technologies to suit your needs

We have invested in a number of platforms and technologies to deliver the very best in transformation projects.

Our development team are fully versed in Python, Django, VueJS, .NET5, Google Cloud Platform, Docker and many other tools. We will discuss your requirements in detail before embarking on a project, to ensure we use the right tools for your needs.

Following the launch of your digital transformation project, we also have a number of hosting options available to you, through partnerships with DigitalOcean and Azure.

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Engagement models to adapt to your situation

Depending on the nature of your project, we will deploy our development team to suit different business models.

Most projects see our team become an extension of your team, giving you direct access to each of the team members and allowing you manage the software development and product development life cycle.

Other projects are more suited to a single-service model, where we provide you with a specific service which is not available in-house, and the team and the delivery process is managed on our side. Alternatively, a project-based model would see you specify an exact scope of work and timeline before the project starts. From there, we would take on the responsibilities for development and project management.

During the “Discovery” phase, we will discuss and agree which engagement model suits you best.

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Digital transformation services for all circumstances

We offer numerous digital transformation projects to suit your requirements and circumstances. These projects tend to fall into one of these categories:
Bespoke surveys

Cloud-based surveying tools with dashboard, email reminders and Natural Language processing capabilities.

Custom eLearning platforms

Bespoke learning management systems without per-user or ongoing licensing fees.

CRM integration

Custom websites and applications that are designed to integrate directly with your CRM, creating a unified flow of data.

App development

Full-service iOS and Android mobile app development, with high functionality and visual quality.

UX/UI design

Consulting and design of user experience and user interface, including research and deployment.

Membership websites

Membership websites that free you from technical limitations.

What to expect from the development process

We developed a 4-step process for digital transformation projects, designed so that we completely understand your needs and deliver a project that will bring about change for your business.
  • 1

    Together we'll have an exploratory call to discuss your requirements and vision for your transformation project.

  • 2
    Design & develop

    From there, we'll begin designing and building your project, with regular sprints and check-ins to discuss progress and feedback.

  • 3

    As you approach your launch day, we'll agree the next steps and training to provide so you can hit the ground running.

  • 4

    Following the launch, we'll be on-hand to help you develop and refine new features and functionality.

Why choose us for digital transformation?

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About Us
Focused experts

Our development team are experts in their field, building bespoke projects on a regular basis.

Ongoing collaboration

You know your own field, and so we design your project to involve collaboration to bring your vision to life.

Ongoing love and care

Once your project is launched, we take care of you with ongoing support, and specialist hosting options.

Always bespoke

We don't use templates, or rinse and repeat. Your project is bespoke to you and your requirements, and always will be.

Clients we've helped transform

Our expertise in digital transformation has led to numerous businesses bringing about step change growth.
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''MM:Growth bring a wealth of knowledge of the 'digital world' that is hard to beat!''
Stephen Cain

Take a look at some successful digital transformation projects

From moving courses online to app integrations, we've seen a breadth of projects over the years. Here's a few:
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