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The full story

Private dentist practice Haxby Family Dental had been established since 2007. With a great local reputation, the practice was self-running a series of Google Ads to provide a steady flow of business.

At the time, they were hoping to make some improvements to their Google Ads campaigns, with the hope of spending less money “blindly” and instead building intelligent and focused campaigns. However, they recognised that the obstacle was themselves – High skilled and well regarded dentists, but a limited skill set and knowledge of inbound marketing.

As well as a limited skill-set the practice meant they were very busy with patients, therefore making it challenging for them to devote the time to inbound marketing that they know they needed to.

Knowing they needed to act, they sought help from a marketing agency. Initially, they were drawn to MM:Growth due to the knowledge that we had a real-world, credible sister business (Mullen & Mullen) that had faced and dealt with all the same issues they were facing themselves. With that in mind, they began a journey that led them to one of the biggest return-on-investments we’ve ever seen!


With new marketing comes a new website

We started with some big updates to their website. Our main aim was to make the website more mobile-friendly, something that was evidently a fundamental requirement as a large proportion of their traffic came from mobile devices.

Along with the website updates came regular blog posts, helping them use content to build trust with their audience and built on the solid reputation they already had. This also allowed us to make further updates to site to enable conversion tracking, which would become key in demonstrating return-on-investment as we continued to work together.

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Month 6: A change in focus

At around the 6-month mark, we made an agreement that the blog writing wasn’t for them at the time. This was due to the fact that we weren’t able to empirically demonstrate the return-on-investment.

Through our discussions, it became apparent that a large proportion of Haxby Family Dental’s business came from private emergency dentistry appointments. Within the private dentistry sector, these appointments are most searched for on mobile devices.

This was undoubtedly a big opportunity for the practice. They had gotten tired of spending £1200 a month with Google and having no idea what they were getting in return, and we knew that Google Ads had potential in generating them leads.

Based on that, we began an overhaul of their ad campaigns, including improved tracking, continual testing and further website tracking. As a result, the practice has seen an appointment increase of 466% and an overall reduction in spending of 47% (including campaign management fees)

Alongside this, with the assistance of tracking we have shown that Google Ads spend has resulted in a 1026.06% return on investment, resulting in over 100 conversions each month, a quarter of which are contact forms with the rest resulting in phone calls to the practice.

As a result of their new ad campaigns, Haxby Family Dental have learnt how it really is possible to see a return-on-investment from their marketing spend, with a little fine-tuning and commitment to seeing things through. We’re extremely proud of their results and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for their marketing moving forward!

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