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Align your entire team so that your marketing delivers your business better leads and increased sales

Time and time again, a business' marketing strategy fails. You can chalk it up to any number of reasons, but the number one reason we see is the lack of buy-in from sales and leadership teams.

Businesses instead need to adopt a company-wide content culture, aligning everyone on the common goal of better qualified leads and sales, facilitated through world-class marketing... and that's what the content culture workshop enables you to do!

What is the content culture workshop?

The content culture workshop is designed to get entire businesses bought into the critical need for marketing.

Businesses often have sales and marketing working in silos, and the workshop creates alignment across the whole business, helping you think smarter about how marketing works and its role in digital consumerism.

Instead of seeing marketing as an unnecessary expense, the content culture workshop will help educate your entire team on how marketing works, how it can be used in your sales process, and how it can help you achieve your company goals as one, united team.

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Why start with a workshop?

Workshops are a fantastic place for businesses to start for many reasons.

The first in the minimised financial risk. When you sign up to a workshop, you're not committing to a long-term relationship, which is suitable for businesses who are still on the fence about inbound marketing and want to learn more. This also means you can decide how you want to move forward after the workshop.

The second benefit is not committing to anything long-term (as we alluded to in the last paragraph). By choosing a workshop, we're both able to determine if there's a fit for working together long-term, whilst still learning from the experience.

In any case, the content culture workshop is a great starting point for any business on their inbound marketing journey, and we're here to help you on that journey.

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How the content culture
workshop works

Before your workshop, you'll have a discovery session with our lead facilitator. Following that, your content culture workshop will cover the following:
Buyer expectations

You'll gain an understanding of the mindset of ''consumer mode'', how buyer behaviour has changed, and what means for sales and marketing.

The ''Big 5''

We'll then have an in-depth discussion into the power of search engines and how the ''Big 5'' plays in a key in consumer research, leads and sales.

Content and the sales process

You'll understand how content plays a role in the sales process, including the power of becoming a ''teacher'' in your field and the impact that has on sales.

Creating a culture

After brainstorming some ''Big 5'' content ideas, we'll discuss how you can create a content culture in your business, creating company alignment that involves everybody.

Action plan

Together, we'll put together a company action plan and roadmap of roles and expectations going forward, including a look into the future and the benefits content will bring.


Following a recap of everything that has been covered, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, address concerns, and arrange a follow up from our team.

Workshop format and pricing

In-person workshop (UNAVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19)

Regrettably we will not be holding any workshops in-person to adhere with social distancing guidelines. We can however deliver workshops online.

Online workshop

The content culture workshop can be delivered over Zoom. Workshops facilitated online are usually 4 hours, and can be delivered as one session, or 2 separate 2 hour sessions. Online workshops are recorded for you to refer back to.

How much does the content culture workshop cost?

The standard fee for the BLUEPRINT workshop is £1200 + VAT. In light of COVID-19 and the move to online workshops, you have the option of paying in 3 equal payments, or a one-off payment.

Problems the content culture workshop solves

Embracing inbound and content marketing is easier said the done. But, when done right, an inbound and content culture can help eliminate many problems and help your business achieve phenomenal growth.

Starting with this workshop will help solve these top problems we've seen businesses like yours face:

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Sales and marketing alignment

Your sales and marketing teams will leave the workshop aligned on the critical need and direction of your marketing strategy.

Website targeted to your audience

Not only will you realise the importance of a website, but you'll better understand how to use your website to generate better qualified leads.

Content ideas and strategy

Even if you're already generating content, the workshop will help you understand the importance of content, and the need for a content marketing strategy.

Complete sales enablement

You'll have all the tools to improve the sales cycle, including the importance of content in the sales process and the team responsibilities.

What is content marketing, and what is inbound marketing?

Content marketing is about creating valuable content for your audience, whereas inbound marketing is about capturing leads and converting them.


The short answer is content marketing is simply a part of inbound marketing. We’ve written an entire blog on defining both content marketing vs. inbound marketing, and how they work together, which you can read here.

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed to create full sales and marketing alignment. Therefore, the sales and marketing teams should attend, or at a bare minimum, the directors/sales manager(s) and marketing manager(s).

What is "They Ask, You Answer" and the "Big 5"?

They Ask, You Answer is a business philisophy that takes your marketing from traditionally salesy, outbound messages, to marketing that is focused on teaching your audience and building trust.


The content culture workshop is designed to educate businesses on this philosophy as well the “big 5”, which are the 5 types of content businesses are searching for as a digital consumer.


Check out our blog post summary on this here.

Who delivers the content culture workshop?

The workshop is delivered by Tom Wardman, our lead workshop facilitator. He’ll be accompanied by another member of the team to assist him in delivering the workshop.

Should I start outsourcing my marketing after the workshop?

There are many benefits to outsourcing (vs. insourcing) your marketing following a workshop. After the workshop, we’ll talk about the support you need going forward, which usually takes the form of a monthly retainer.


Got a question about the content culture workshop? Take a look at some of the FAQs.

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