5 reasons why your marketing isn’t working

5 reasons why your marketing isn't working

Listen, it happens sometimes. Money’s spent on this big marketing campaign, and low and behold the results don’t deliver.

Here’s 10 reasons why it might not have worked…

1. You haven’t identified your audience

The heart of a good marketing campaign is a targeted audience. Without this, your basically shouting into a forrest at night with a megaphone and hoping you here someone shout ‘Polo’ back.

This brings me onto my next point…

2. You’re targeting too broad

Now if you’re selling Pepsi or Television sets, aiming broad is fine. However, once we start trying to market Pickleball, that’s another story (see http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2016/08/niche-marketing-strategy/). 

Sometimes, you just can’t market to a load of people, and that’s fine. If this is the case, it’s best to zero in on a specific group of people.

3. You’re producing poor content

If you’re sending me a picture of your baby in your dental newsletter, expect me to unsubscribe quicker than you can say ‘Welcome to the world’.

Don’t produce content that’s unrelated to what you’re marketing. This is the most common form of poor marketing, and unfortunately it’s the cardinal sin.

4. You’re👌using💁too😁many😩emojis😂

Using an emoji every other word is the marketing equivalent of you’re Uncle Albert thinking he can sing Ebony & Ivory by himself after one too many sherries at your sisters wedding. Linda, please get your husband off the stage.

Emojis are good – they can convey a 30 word message with a single image. But that’s what they should be used for. Not replacing spaces because your friend’s teenage son does it.

5. You’re advertising the wrong amount

I don’t want to see your material 7 times in the space of an hour. At the same time, I’ll forget about your company if I don’t hear back from you for three months.

No matter how relevant it is, do not overwhelm your audience – especially when your content marketing. We make it a rule of thumb to post on social media at least once a day and at most thrice a day. Any more and you risk over exposure. Any less and you risk being forgotten.

Making any of these mistakes? We can help: hello@mmgrowth.com (No emojis please).

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