5 tips to get more phone call leads

5 tips to get more phone call leads
After more phone calls?

This isn’t a 50’s rom com. Don’t find yourself waiting by the phone waiting for it to ring from that special someone. Go out there and make it happen!

Let’s look at 5 simple tips you can use to get more phone calls to your business.

1. Google Adwords

Abba were right when they said it’s a rich mans world. Sometimes, it’s worth a small spend to make a big gain. Awords is Google’s way of allowing businesses to advertise on their platform. Performed correctly, Adwords can be your best friend. But be warned, it can also be used as an efficient money funnel with little return.

A call-only campaign focuses on getting your customer to pick up the phone rather than click on your website. Useful, ey? Plus, they only show up on devices that can make calls, like mobile phones. That way, you know your getting investments worth.

With all sorts of features like business hours only calling, Google Adwords call-only campaigns are definitely worth a try. Just make sure you do your research first.

2. Facebook call campaigns

Another way to hear you customer’s lovely voice is by using their favourite social media platform: Facebook.

Facebook allow you to create call only campaigns, like Google. They’re a lot more intuitive in the set up compared to Adword campaigns and they can work just as well. It highlights the call now button, which puts you in conversation with your customer within seconds. Better than sending them to a landing page for them to decide what to do next, right?

We use Facebook campaigns with most of our customers we’ve got a lot of love for it. Maybe it’s the way you can target so specifically. Maybe it’s how little you spend to get results.

Twitter is also available, but it’s waaaaay behind on it’s advertising system compared to it’s face-based counterpart. Give it a couple of years.

3. Put your phone number in your customer’s face

Your phone number is a beautiful thing. Like any beautiful thing, set it free and put it in front of your customer. Don’t bombard them, but don’t be so secretive.

How annoying is it when you visit a website and you can’t find the phone number? If you’re like me, your patience runs thin after around 4 seconds of looking. Don’t assume your customer has time to search. Make sure it’s above the fold if you’re after calls.

4. Use Google’s lovely FREE business tools

So Google loves to list businesses. Don’t deny it the pleasure of listing yours for absolutely free.

Using Google My Business, you can edit the information surrounding your business. That includes your phone number, pictures, location and much more. Even better, you can see what effect you’ve had using Google My Business’ analytics. It tells you how many people have called you, visited your website or even asked for directions to your business. Scary, but definitely cool. Like the camel spider.

5. Send your adverts out around your peak call times

Would you throw a party at 11am on a Tuesday morning when your friends are at work? Nope. So why would you send out your campaigns when your customers can’t call you. This one’s fairly obvious, but surprisingly quite a few marketers forget about it.

If you don’t know your peak call times, use the previous tip to find out when your customers call you. You might be surprised.

Tired of all this marketing malarkey? Let us take care of it for you.

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